CVG Seating (India) Pvt. Ltd.
Auditorium Seating
Audi 202 Audi Scholar Champion
Audi Scholar
Audi Scholar
  • Push/Fixed back reclined chair.
  • Auto tip-up cushion.
  • Seat size available from CTC 21" to 24"
  • PPCP molded housing for cushion & Backrest.
  • Cushion Housing with Acoustical perforation.
  • Wooden writing tablet with polished finish/ Polished Wooden Armrest/ PU Armrest
Audi Scholar

General Features of Chair

  • Slider mechanism.
  • All Exposed metel parts are powder coated.
  • Molded PU Foam with Flame Resistant having Density og 50 ± 5 kg/m.
  • Chair Structured is made of ERW pipe & sheet metal component.
  • Ergonomic design for thigh and backrest support.
  • Side Light arrangement on aisie seats.