CVG Seating (India) Pvt. Ltd.
500 Series
500 Series
Features 525P
Air suspension with 12v or 24v integral compressors (555P) Optional
Mechanical Suspension Standard
Vertical suspension stroke 100mm (4”) Standard
60mm height and tilt adjustment Standard
Driver weight adjustment 50-150kgs Standard
Suspension cover Standard
Moulded control pods to carry hydraulic electronic control joysticks Standard
Control pod height adjustment 50mm Standard
Control pod height adjustment 40mm (relative to joystick) Standard
Fore and aft adjustment of 160-200mm (relative to control pods) Standard
Backset angle adjustment Standard
Seat belt to ISO 6683, SAE J386 (anchorage strength 15 Kn) Standard
Tether belt version to SAE J386, June 1985 (anchorage strength 22Kn) Optional
Seat belt widths 50mm (2”) & 75mm (3”) Optional
Adjustable armrests (50/70/80/100mm widths) Optional
5 position lumber support Optional
Adjustable headrest Optional
Cushion heaters Optional
Adjustable damper Optional
Double damper Optional
Seat sensor switch Optional
Turntable 0° – 180° Optional
Front controls Optional
Range of fabrics and PVC Optional
  • SIP to ISO 5353
  • Dimensions at mid suspension stroke, middle height adjustment and at mid slider ail adjustment
  • Indicative dimensions
  • Air 525P shown

The great value of the CVG Seating (I) Pvt. Ltd. Pod seats are that the joysticks move with the driver and the suspension of the seat.

This creates a better ergonomic working environment and reduces stretching injuries.

These models are just part of the extensive 500 series range.

Other high back, low back and narrower seats are also available.

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